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Storyteller Who Can

Storytelling was such an important part of life for the Zarrella family.  Road trips up and down the coast from Florida to New England were filled by creating pass around stories or listening to books on tape.  It is no wonder that in 2003, Marta's first work, a poem called "With Dignity and Strength", was published.  A few years later she began writing for the Southern California Equestrian Directory (SCED) until October of 2007 when the family’s home was destroyed by a devastating firestorm. All of Southern California, it seemed, was on fire.   Marta processed her confusion and her thoughts after that life changing event in what became her first published, award-winning novel, "A Tangeled Web, Rejecting Technology's Assault on Mother Nature".      

     In 2001, as part of her 'back to work' plan after raising three children, Marta began taking writing courses eventually enrolling ina2 year certificate program through the Longridge Writers Group in Connecticut. She specialized as an animal writer for the first few years doing freelance work with SCED, then became a San Diego Pet Examiner . Marta has been writing for the local newspapers and other publications in her new hometown of Ramona in San Diego County, California since 2011.  2012 was the first year she submitted her work to the prestigious San Diego Press Club Annual Excellence Awards.  That year she earned first and second place awards.  The following year, which was the San Diego Press Club's 40th Anniversary and a
record breaking year for entries, Marta earned first and third place recognition.

    A native Texan, Marta graduated from the University ofTexasin El Paso in 1979 with a Bachelor of Business Administration.  After
graduation she got a job with a major corporation, eventually 'retiring' from full time work after the birth of her second child, Rob.  Marta had the distinct pleasure of forging a path for Part Time Professionals after Rob's birth, until her third child Kate was born. Marta chose to become a stay at home Mom after baby Kate. That is when son Rick was beginning Kindergarten.  While raising children, Marta loved being involved with her children and in their community of Brandon, Florida.

    In December of 1999, the family moved from Florida to San Diego California.   A first significant event in California was adopting Girl the Dalmatian, a rescue dog that introduced Marta to Pet Therapy.  
Girl was an incredible Therapist, she and Marta eventually got the whole family involved in Pet Therapy in one form or fashion. The power of pet therapy with small animals and her lifelong love of horses led Marta down the path to Equine Assisted Therapy and Certification in Horsemanship skills.  A life long volunteer, in Florida, she was involved with Civitan International, a service organization dedicated to Special Olympics and Special Olympians.  Her family was part of that journey, too. 

and nonfiction, draws from her life experiences and education in business, philanthropy, volunteerism as well as her dedication to and knowledge of animals.  This career, she says, truly reflects who she is and what she is meant to do.  Links to samples of her work can be found throughout this website.