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Developmental Editing

Developmental editing for an already written manuscript.  Developmental editing is more than line editing, which checks for spelling and grammar.  Developmental editing considers the entire scope of a book.  We help you understand your goals for the book including a target audience, which dictates the style of writing.  Once that is known, we evaluate the flow, sequence, tone and arc of the story.  A strong opening hook is a must for any book as is a solid relatable close.
 Developmental editing is priced based on the word count and complexity of the project.  See the testimonial page to see what clients are saying.

Author Support

Author support includes helping the author decide which path to publication is best for them.  We can help you self-publish, or assist in finding the right type of independent or traditional publisher.   

A 'query' is a book proposal sent to book agents and publishers. We will develop or help you develop a query
Author support is billed at $35 per hour, or you can sign up for Monthly Support a $100 per month gets you four hours of help per month, you save $10 per hour.  You must sign up for three months, minimum.  This plan gives you continued support during the process of 'finishing' your book.  

If you choose to self-publish, we will help create a cover concept and assist you in finding the right graphic artist for the project.  We can help you create the right marketing plan for your book.  We can coach you through the process up publishing through Amazon's Create Space, and walk you through the necessary steps to acquire your ISBN's, format your book for E-publishing, and upload your book to other distribution channels.  The support package does not DO all of those things for you.  We'll help, but you'll need to sign a contract for 
us to do it all for you. We coach you through the process of doing it yourself, or will take some of the burden off of you for the things that we can do a lot faster than you can.

If you choose to go a more traditional route, we will help do the necessary research to write a strong query.   


Monthly Support

If you are still writing your book, the Monthly Support package includes brainstorming/Mastermind sessions on the storyline, characters, arc, etc. as well as  manuscript critique, and general feedback on the market, your competition or trends.

Editing is not included in the Monthly Support package.  Only 10 monthly support packages are available, so sign up early.


Calling Card Books

For the Small Business Entrepreneur, we offer a Calling Card Book, it is a business  s card on Steroids!  In 50 - 150 pages, we'll highlight who you are, what you do and why you do it.  These Small Business books are the BEST way to establish yourself as an "Expert" in your field - A Key Person Of Influence. This simple, easy book will set you apart from the competition.  It is a lovely giveaway to key clients, media reps, and to visitors or participants at live events.  It gets your credentials, your unique product or service and your business known to the buying public.

The cost ranges from   $2,500 to $4,000  for these tiny 100 -150 page  books, depending on your needs.  The more content and  more pages you need, the more cost --your book will cost.  BUT it will pay for itself.  Let's talk about your project budget, your needs and make this happen for you and your business.      

Of course, we can help you develop more complex, detailed books that educate your audience, inspire and motivate your prospects or tell your  story for generations to come.   Price is dependant on the scope of your project.  Click the Contact button below to get started creating the book that will change your business status forever.

We take your book from concept to publication.  Please email to set up an appointment and get started on your "Expert" book, your Business Card on Steroids!  It is worth its weight in gold.


Additional Services 

I will tell your story for magazines, newspapers, blogs.   

Do you need help with a different kind of book project? We do that, too.   

My specialty is a strong opening hook, a related close and smooth transitions in between.  You provide the prompt, links or references to do the research, and a word limit if appropriate.    Simple, straight forward pieces can be done for around $.10 per word. Technical pieces could be more.  Long pieces are negotiable on a per page or whole project basis.  Let's talk about your project and work out the pricing.

Coaching, Workshops, Speaking 

How a creative writer engages all the senses to create a scene that becomes a movie to the imagination is a skill that can be learned.  

How a journalist assesses a situation, breaks down the significant points, researches those points and tells the story can be learned.

Both creative writing and journalistic writing require the author to use word efficiency by eliminating excess words that are just noise to the eye and the mind.  That skill can be learned.   

Would you like to host a creative writing workshop?  Let's talk, my fee is reasonable.  I love teaching people how to harness the power of words.  Show don't tell is a concept hard to grasp.  

Do you need a speaker for your classroom, your book club, or your organization.  Let's talk,  storytelling is an art, which requires active listening, a mastery, and understanding of words and the ability to notice the world around you.