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We're helping a Mechanical Engineering PhD WWII veteran capture and tell his amazing story.  While editing the first three chapters, we laughed, cried and were in awe of the very early years of this man's life in Budapest, Hungary.  He is a survivor, and a brilliant Engineer.  America is lucky he chose to settle here.  Wait to you get to read his amazing life story.

     We've harvested content from  two websites for a client who is an expert in the field of Water Conservation and Plumbing. We're now working on the book layout. His book will be sassy, educational, and informational. He mentors and teaches in such a fun way!  He's passionate about water and plumbing and is on a number of advisory boards.


     We're working with another retired Military man who is constantly on the go with his active former military wife.  He's dictating his story while they travel from place to place.  He was an
aviator,airlinemechanic and inspector for many years.  Through his life we will experience life in the 1970's, visit Vietnam and get to know Thailand.  And, more than anything else, we will learn a lot about planes and aviation.  This one will be thrilling!

     We just finished a developmental (book layout and content edit) on an official biography of artist James Tyree, written by a renown local Pediatric Cardiologist who enjoys travel to the Pacific Islands and art collecting.  We've helped the author learn his publishing options,
hopefully, he will choose us to help him all the way.  For now, he's having fun learning about publishing.  He hopes to write more books when he retires.

     We have also helped one of the leading Alzheimer's researchers and one of the only Alzheimer's research participants who is an active participant in any opportunity she can find, including launching her own 501C3non profit, to raise funds and awareness for Alzheimer's research.  These two individuals are co-authoring a book on the difficulty of living with the probability of getting early onset Alzheimer's.  We helped them polish a book proposal, which resulted in a signed contract with a literary agent.  We'll begin working on the manuscript itself, assisting these two authors, once they have secured the right Publishing contract. 

     We are also helping a Cardiologist get her book into the marketplace.  This book 
must-read for women of all ages.

      We have begun reading a manuscript for a book about race relations in the United States written by an educator and entrepreneur, a black man who in the 60's attended a predominantly white boarding school.  WE will be helping write, edit and launch the updated third edition of this book.

     Storyteller Can is a part of MPZ Books, Inc.  We are proud to announce that MPZBooks,  is launching Calling Card Books.  We can make you a published author to harness The Power of Story Working For You.  Calling CardBooks, is an indie publisher.  With our Storyteller Can resources, we can help you produce books to showcase your business expertise and skills.   Today, it is clear that personalizing the 'sell' is very important.  Storytelling is personal, and powerful.   That power can easily translate to sales, if done properly.   Years of experience writing marketing copy, web content and stories for newspapers and magazines and the feedback from the people we have written about and for inspired this line of business.         


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