"As the CEO of Angel Investors Network I'm excited to give my testimony and endorsement for Marta Zarrella. She did an incredible job editing my book."  

                          Greg Writer   


"Marta helped me not only write, but while doing so I learned how to write better myself. I am a subject matter expert in plumbing and water issues, but if I want that quality to be useful, my message must me easily understood and pleasurable as well. The subject of water/plumbing is a dry one, pun is (accidental) and as a tradesperson, writing is not my primary means of expression. So editing and coaching is a necessity, Marta was cost effective as well as fun. As I evolve in my professional services, I am going to need to write more and hands-on work less. Marta might be a great partner for developing the next level in my career I recommend Marta as an upgrade to submitting a poorly written document! and as a coach to better communication."

                          Greg Chick  LEED AP., ARCSA AP,
                          Web-based Plumbing Consultant at DIY Plumbingadvice.com

"Your story is incredible, you got so much good information in there. I don't know how you do it!  You are my official writer from now on."

                          Jamie Tyrone 

                          founder of B.A.B.E.S. for Alzheimer'sReaserch 

This year, we have assisted Jamie and her writing 
partner,Dr. Marwan Sabbagh, with a book proposal.  Jamie calls herself an "Alzheimer's Lab Rat", being the carrier of two copies of the APOe3 gene that is known to be a predictor of Alzheimer's (ALS), Jamie has a 91% chance of early onset ALS.  Dr Sabbagh is an Alzheimer's researcher that met Jamie during her fight to understand her situation and maximize the chances for a long and happy life.  Dr. Sabbagh has written several books:

"You are truly an expert, our proposal is so much improved since your edits.  I look forward to your making my chapter something that people can actually understand."  

                          Marwan Sabbagh, M.D.

 "Thank you!  And you have been a pleasure to work with as well. I've always felt that you are a God send! For you to just have shown up in my life when I needed you,I don't feel was an accident or coincidence!"  
                           Dr. Jacqueline Eubany 

                          author The Real Story of Women and Heart Disease

"Thank you @mpzarrella for your continued support for our mission and for writing a beautiful article about @SheltertoSoldier. You are truly talented and inspirational!"  

                          Graham Bloem

                          Founder and Director of Specialty Dog Training, Shelter to Soldier nonprofit,  

                          training PTSD assistance dogs for wounded warriors.

"So many people saw your story, we didn't have enough chairs and the crowd was so big they flowed into the parking lot.  Thank You!"

                              Donna Zick 

Email received on the same story:  
"Your compassionate and informative piece in this week's Sentinel does the Zick family proud.  What a sudden loss - handled with great grace and love.  A lesson for all of us. Sincerely, John & Arvie" 

"People keep coming up to me about that story.  It had so much good information, they love the stuff about what I did with Roy Rodgers and Casey (Tibbs, rodeo legend).  Even more than a year later, I still hear about it.  You're a pretty good writer."  

                          K. L. Osborne

                          bonified Cowboy and exceptional horse trainer.

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